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The fabulous Isla Mujeres wedding of John and Rachael was as amazing as their courtship.

You know you’re really in love with someone when he asks you to marry him and you shout an exuberant yes before he’s even had a chance to pull out the ring.  But, that’s just the kind of love that John and Rachael have.  She first saw him on TV when he was competing on “The Bachelorette,” back in 2012 and she thought he should get more screen time because he was the best-looking one.  Coincidently, John later saw Rachael on the popular social media app Instagram and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Fate decided to step in at this point and bring these two admirers together, connecting them on social media and eventually bringing them together for a first date.  Theirs was a long-distance love, but one that continued to grow and be cherished. 


John knew he couldn’t live much longer without the love of his life as his wife, and so he proposed to Rachael on a snowy romantic get-away to Aspen just one year after the couple started dating.  He pulled out all the cards and letters they had sent to each other and then got down on one knee.  Rachael was so excited that she shouted yes before he had a chance to open the ring box.  The couple decided that a destination wedding in Mexico would be perfect for them—and they got exactly what they always dreamt of.  Every detail was perfect – as a Zama wedding should be. After three years of working with Tiffany and Janna from Sunhorse Weddings, we were not surprised.


It’s tender to see a sweet connection between parents and their children, who are now grown-up and ready to start families of their own.  Parents feel a slight feeling or loss and longing and love for their child as they realize that their little ones are now all grown up.  Bride and groom feel excitement for the future and joy in this day they have anticipated for so long. The quiet moment when a father sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time is one of the most emotional moments we have witnessed. When Rachael’s sister and father got up to give speeches during dinner, their love for each other was palpable.


It was a big party, just the way John and Rachael intended it to be. From the hilarious introductions of the wedding party by John, to a performance by Rachael and her cheerleader pals, to professional dancers shaking it on the floor, to fire dancers,  and a sparkler exit, the night was a whirlwind of activity.

Our favorite moment of the night was when John pulled Rachael off the dance floor, escaping for a quiet moment together. Jennifer discreetly followed and captured the image that summed up the day. Joy and Love!

We were so honored to have been part of such a special day.

Venue: Zama Beach Club, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Planners/Coordinator: Sunhorse Weddings

Dress: Pronovia

Video: Mike Cantarell Films