Cozumel Wedding Photographer |

What a delightful bride and groom to work with at Cozumel’s Secrets Aura. Megan and Pat were loads of fun. Megan was in high spirits, laughing and having a great time as she got ready – not a bit of nerves in sight! Pat was also relaxed, hanging out with the guys and parents in his room. For something new, they decided to get married on the dock, under the palapa and we couldn’t help but have visions of someone going in the water. Luckily, it didn’t happen.

We had great weather and lovely skies, so they brought out the special cake topper. They are both avid divers (Pat is from Newfoundland Canada and asked if we had ever gone diving there – he has – we have not), so they had a special sculpture made of two divers in scuba gear, swimming with sea creatures. It was made in England and shipped to them and was very delicate since it was crafted from sugar – edible! Of course, at the moment when the brought it out, here comes the rain. Not just a little sprinkle, but a hard, cake topper-melting rain. Photographers to the rescue with umbrellas from the kit bag and everyone rush to cover while the brief shower passed. A memory to treasure for sure.

While they had the ceremony a little earlier than we normally recommend, we loved having the extra daylight for the cake cutting and the first dance.