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Here is another terrific wedding from Azul Beach, one of our favorite places on the Riviera Maya. Reggie and Christine had an intimate wedding on the Sky Terrace then a lovely reception by the beach. We had great weather and a full moon!

Christine’s fantastic updo was done by her cousin,¬†Jenny Luu Hair and Makeup:¬†

While we try to get to know all of our couples in a Skype or FaceTime session before the wedding, there are only so many things you can discuss on an internet video call. After the wedding, they came to Cozumel for some beach photos that Christine had fallen in love with and we started talking about first meetings and falling in love. Christine’s parents are ethnic Chinese who immigrated to the U.S. from Burma/Myanmar and we talked about the food from that area, making us all hungry.

Then Reggie said that his parents had left Vietnam during the war in the 70s. After being ripped off by smugglers twice (a story ripped from today’s headlines), they finally got on a boat headed for Cambodia. However, they didn’t know each other before getting on the boat. The boat hit a reef as it was approaching shore and started to sink. Reggie’s father knew how to swim and helped his future wife, who couldn’t swim, safely to shore. They kept in touch, wrote letters and immigrated to the Boston area.

We have heard good love stories and great beginnings from many of our friends and couples, but this might be the best we have ever heard. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and we hope you love the photos.