Cancun Wedding Photographer |

We love the Now Resorts: great food, wonderful architecture and a really good staff that knows how to take care of couples and create a special day. The staff at Now Jade is exceptional and the friends and families of Kevin and Tracy had a memorable day.

Kevin’ sons were pretty excited about getting to wear tuxes and they looked pretty sporty in the light grey duds. Kevin even had special socks for the boys. He gave high heels a try, but decided to stick with the lace-up shoes. One of the cool welcome gifts was a big cup with everyone’s name printed on the side.

The reception venue was so cool (not just because of the indoor air conditioning) with softly-colored lights along the walls with bamboo providing an accent for the lighting. Great food and drink followed by lots of dancing was the end to a perfect day.

But wait, there’s more to come. Check back in a day or two for the photos of their cenote session.