Cancun Wedding Photographer | Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer

Since shooting the engagement session for Scott & Rachel in Isla Mujeres last summer, we knew we were going to love this wedding. First, they chose the JW Marriott in Cancun, which is a terrific location, then they both spent a lot of time working on special details of their wedding and reception. However, the main reason is that they are so much fun, so easy going and oh-so photogenic.

Arriving at Rachel’s room, she was a picture of calm amidst her friends and family. Scott and the guys were hanging out and mostly behaving. Both are very accomplished in the business world and it showed with their planning. The first look was smooth, and we stayed cool on a lovely day in February.

The hotel did a good job of setting up a location on the beach and kept most of the photo bombers away from the venue. We happily worked with Mike Cantarell and Eduardo from Mike Cantarell Films. He and his crew are the best: very creative and very easy with which to work. Scott and Rachel worked very hard to create a special day with special decorations, choreographed dances, fireworks, and a cast of wonderful friends and family. Right after dinner, Scott and his groomsmen, did a great synchronized dance for Rachel and the crowd went wild. We loved the crowded dance floor with the glow sticks, masks, props and toys. Gotta love Rachel’s Minnie Mouse ears.

But, the really special part of our day was being with two people who are so much in love and so comfortable with each other. For us, that translates into being comfortable in front of a camera, as you can easily see.

We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed making them.