Isla Mujeres Wedding | Zama Beach Club | Carol and Patrick |

The getting ready room for Carol at the Hotel Playa de Media Luna on Half Moon Bay on Isla Mujeres was loaded with energy. Her family had immigrated from Colombia to Australia several years ago, so the vibe was totally Australian, but the energy was completely Latino. Spanish was mixed with Aussie/English with Carols’ sister, mother, and grandmother all taking part with advice and suggestions about the dress – and well, nearly everything. It was all good natured and the room was loaded with laughs.

We usually don’t do photo sessions with brides and grooms before the ceremony, since the heat can leave everyone feeling a little “damp”. That wasn’t the case in January on Isla Mujeres with Carol and Patrick. So, we did a “first look” at the hotel and hopped into a cab for a tour of the island before heading to the ceremony.

We had a great time driving around the central part of the former fishing town (now a tourist town), which has some cool locations and original wooden houses, a rare site in much of the Riviera Maya due to hurricanes. After a bit of the “urban” experience we headed south to the park at Punta Sur. Carol’s sister and the best man came with us and joined into a few photos and helped with off-camera (so they thought) suggestions. The sisters definitely created one of the funniest photos we have taken in a long time. I’m sure her sister didn’t think she would be in the photo as she was trying to make Carol laugh by sticking her tongue out at her. Gotta love the sister love.

What followed was magical: a touching ceremony, hilarious speeches at dinner, dancing and a fire show. The decor was perfect, put together by the brilliant Tiffany and Alex of Sunhorse Weddings and held at Zama Beach Club on Isla.

We loved the dress, but the veil was pretty stunning, also.