Jared & Stephanie | Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Photo Session

Jared and Stephanie have a love story right out of a movie– they met in high school– in English class of all places– and even went to prom together.  

After six years of dating, they decided it was time to get married and Isla Mujeres was the perfect place to do so.  Sunhorse wedding coordinators helped Stephanie and Jared plan their destination wedding from afar and allowed the couple have control of every detail they desired, including finding a private location for the ceremony at Zama Beach Club.  Their wedding day started out small but intimate, with the couple eating breakfast together on the sand.


Stephanie and Jared chose Isla Mujeres for the location of their wedding because of the prevalence of the culture, the people, the food, and the stunning scenery.  The wedding party spent some time at an old Yucatecan-style home near the downtown area, marveling at the beauty of the location and the weathered and unique feel one can see here.
The couple went to Punta Sur for a photo session just before the ceremony.  At the southern tip of the island, Punta Sur is an island park with modern metal sculptures (showing the effects of the proximity to the ocean) and walkways that explore both sides of the peninsula. It’s the perfect place for an engagement photo session on Isla Mujeres.

The couple climbed up rocks and out onto ledges to pose for some incredible shots of ocean, sun, and sky. Some days, the gentle ocean breezes keep the temperatures cool. However, on this day, a strong wind was blowing from the east and made for some interesting photos. As the winds kicked up, the waves crashed closer and closer to the couple during photos–but as luck would have it–not a single splash would ruin their wedding clothes. We kept saying, “Are you sure you want to go down this path?” They never hesitated and we were all rewarded with some cool photos and some great memories. Plus, only one of the photographers got wet!