Cozumel Wedding Photographer |

katie 1

Katie and Jeremiah’s was a happenstance romance.  It could have very easily never happened, especially considering that they worked together.  But each one wanted more than just glances across an office space.   So, they pushed through awkward exchanges and held on to mutual attraction to bring them to a place where they could date.  The dating grew to liking each other and the liking grew into love.  Love is what brought them together on this stunning Cozumel day.  As you gaze through the photos of the moments before the wedding– Katie tenderly putting on her pearl bracelet and tying her dress, and Jeremiah relaxing with his best friends and some beers– you can sense a sort of camaraderie with this couple.  Jeremiah has a tight-knit group of friends who were able to attend his wedding as his best men.  This group is close– making time each year for campouts and rock climbing trips.  You can see a fulfilling friendship as the men chat, sip, laugh, and help each other get ready.  Katie’s bridal room is more ornate and more lovely than where the men are situated but the feelings of kinship are the same.  She helps a bridesmaid into her dress and then allows her mother to help get her own gown on.  The final photos taken before the wedding show a side of both Katie and Jeremiah that the other adores.  Katie looks coyly, almost shyly at the camera, with a slight smile and stunning blue eyes.  Jeremiah looks excited, even ecstatic being photographed on the beach, just moments before his bride will make her appearance.

katie 2

The couple was lucky enough to have a mutual friend officiate the wedding ceremony.  Punctuated by laughter, officiant Nate was both reverent and hilarious as he talked about the virtues of love and marriage and then had a comedic re-enactment of Katie and Jeremiah’s proposal done by two of their best friends.  The couple laughed, exchanged tender vows, and shared their first kiss as a married couple in the ceremony, during which Katie’s father did his best not to cry.  It was a small gathering, only about 25 people total– but the people who were there are the ones who mean the most to Jeremiah and Katie.

katie 3

As the sun set over the water and the celebration continued into the night, the newlyweds danced, laughed, and kissed in the sand.  They know this is just the beginning for them, but the smiles and the tender moments will last a lifetime.  Right next to the beach ceremony site at the Iberostar Cozumel is a giant piece of driftwood whose branches are filled with conch shells.  Happy couples write their names on the shells and hang them on the wood, as a sign of their love for one another.  Katie and Jeremiah stopped just outside the driftwood to share a moment together, backlit by the dazzling colors of the sunset fading behind them.  After the wedding, the couple will road trip together across the country, relocating from Washington DC to Oregon, and Katie’s parents are very happy to have family moving nearby.

We had such an incredible time shooting the photos for this wedding.  Iberostar Cozumel is a gorgeous location and every detail was perfect. We’re thrilled for Jeremiah and Katie and all that is ahead for them.  Cheers!