The beautiful South Asian/Hindu wedding of Andrea and Akash was one of the most wonderful events we have ever witnessed! We loved the music, the dancing, the rituals and the friends and family who gathered at the JW Marriott in Cancun, MX for this two-day event.

The entire affair was organized in high style and with flawless precision by Elite Events Management from New York City. As we discovered when we photographed another wedding at the JW, EEM made a huge difference in style, decorations, organization and execution. We can’t thank Alap and Syed for their tireless efforts on this wedding. Their motto, “You’ll sleep, we won’t!” is certainly accurate.

The mehndi ceremony on the day before the wedding was colorful and loaded with great food and dancing. The women lined up for incredibly creative henna art by Darcy Vasudev from Henna Lounge.

The morning of the ceremony starts off the groom’s Barat, a procession to meet the bride’s parents and ask for her hand. It was done a little differently on the beaches of Cancun than, say in Delhi, but was no less impressive with the crowd dancing down the beach urged on by DJ Suj.

The next few hours were a whirlwind of rituals, with equal amounts of seriousness and laughter. When Andrea arrived in her stunning sari escorted by her brother, all eyes were on her and both sets of parents beamed with pride.

One of the funniest moments was Andrea’s mother taking part in the ceremony by giving Akash sweets from a platter. Apparently, the sweet was a bit too large and not entirely to his liking. His expression says it all. There were other moments such as going around the circle of chairs and seeing who would wind up in the last chair as they were removed one-by-one and another when one of the friends ends up with a small pile of money. It was a grand day, but there was more to come at the evening reception.