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The sun shone brightly on one of the nicest resorts along the Riviera Maya. El Dorado Royale has great locations for a destination wedding, and Frank and Nicole ended up with a beautiful day to go along with the beautiful location.

Frank hung out with college buddies before making it to the beach of the ceremony. Frank was very stylish with light colors and a bow tie.

What a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress! Nicole was radiant on her wedding day at the El Dorado Royale resort north of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  They really did a great job of dressing for a beach wedding. Not too fancy, not too relaxed. I guess the word would be elegant.

The wedding location is wonderful for the afternoon breezes, plus it’s in the shade. A fine idea for the days when those Caribbean temperatures can be high in the afternoon.

Both families added a lot to the celebration, with Nicole’s sisters bringing down the house/palapa with their speeches and jokes. Definitely two hilarious sisters,. We enjoyed the warm and welcoming parents and a load of friends who were ready for a grand party. Don’t skip over the lovely ceremony and creatives just to get to the reception!

So relax with the guys, while they light up hand rolled cigars done by the capable Guido Carloni and his team of Cubans. After cigars, (don’t want to burn the bride’s dress) everyone was moving it and shaking it on the dance floor.

Just another great wedding where Jennifer is having so much fun photographing the dance floor, that she doesn’t want to leave. I’ll have to admit, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm and never leave.