Buccanos Cozumel Wedding | Cozumel Wedding Photographer | Dave & Melissa |

What a way to begin our season of Mexico weddings, with one of the best locations on Cozumel, Buccanos. A great beach club by day and an extraordinary waterfront gourmet restaurant at night, it’s definitely one of the nicest places to get married on the island.

Melissa and Dave had no trouble deciding where to get married, since his father has lived here for many years,and Cozumel was like Dave’s second home, when he was growing up.

We watched the weather for them for the week leading up to the wedding. November is still officially hurricane season and we had a small tropical disturbance that was hanging around south of the island. We try to encourage couples to relax and enjoy the day, regardless of the weather. We have a saying at National Geographic that there is no such thing as “bad weather”, only different kinds of weather. Rainy weather keeps the temperatures cooler, which can be warm in early November. Cloudy skies make for nice soft skin tones and wet surfaces make such cool reflections.

Melissa was not fazed by the weather and had the attitude, “Hey, I’m marrying Dave, so I’m happy.” She and the girls got ready at Playa Azul resort, with the talented Saskia Marie of Cozumel’s Hair Studio making everyone look more beautiful than they already are. We had time for some photos before the ceremony and a wonderful tequila-shot session. Even actors could not have made better faces.

Lily Xacur, Ines Falkenburg and Ileana Gonzalez came up with a beautiful gazebo and great flowers  for the ceremony area and continued with their golden touch on the dining room. Salvador Formento played beautiful guitar during the dinner and The Red-Eye Band was on hand for the dancing after dinner.

Speeches by the wedding party (especially Harrison) had everyone in stitches. While Harrison told the story about Dave’s driving abilities being challenged by a bee, one of Cozumel’s small mosquitos eaters (a bat) swooped through the open-air restaurant as if on cue.

It was a grand day, made a bit more interesting by the rain and we were honored to have been part of it.