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Shane and Laura brought great attitudes to what could have been a totally rainy day, but they brought two very important things to their Barcelo Maya wedding – their children. Layla and Gavin were the life of the day and the life of the party.

Each parent had one child with them in the getting ready rooms. Shane took charge of getting Gavin dressed in his weddings clothes, which was no small task, because this young man is ALL BOY and loaded with energy, with just a little wildness. However, he seemed to sense that this was a pretty special occasion – Mom and Dad were getting married! The guys room had buddies and groomsmen to help with the getting ready and to help with the tequila shots. They were really organized and on-time.

Laura’s room was a little more laid back, with Layla taking a nap in the stroller, tucked away in the bathroom. Her sister did her hair and make-up and she and her mother both helped with the lovely dress.

Both of the children gathered around Laura and Shane under the gazebo for their vows and at times were engaged and at times they were bored. In other words, normal kids. Being the older of the two, Gavin was a little more engaged with the ceremony.

The newlyweds gave us the best gift possible for our creative photo session after the wedding – lots of time. We were free to wander the grounds and pick out a few interesting spots that we had not discovered at previous Barcelo Maya weddings. We love working outside with the beach and the clouds and one of the nicest bays in the Riviera Maya, but it’s also interesting to use the interior design of different restaurants and public spaces at each resort. The Barcelo is large and has several places that work well.

We had fun with the couple AND the kids. Enjoy!