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Nobody wants to see rain on their wedding day, especially when it’s supposed to be on a sunny beach. While Josh and Val were not concerned about the weather, they were lucky that Azul Fives resort near Playa del Carmen is probably one of the best venues we have seen for a rainy day wedding. Flavours restaurant is a great setting for a wet day with a wall of windows showing tropical foliage. This outstanding resort by Karisma with its immaculate grounds and interesting architecture offers lots of cool spots for photos.

The getting ready rooms were relaxed, with the gals opening Champagne and the guys enjoying a nicely stocked bar with adult beverages. Gifts were exchanged separately, with Josh receiving a book featuring his future wife. He didn’t share, but his expression made it obvious that he liked it. He looked great in his tux t-shirt, but decided to dress up a bit more for his wedding day. Val surprised her parents and sisters with personal notes and photos and the room erupted in hilarity.

The stormy skies held back the rain long enough for us have a few moments on the dock for photos, then it stayed dry long enough for a leisurely walk through the natural area near a cenote, which is a great place to spot spider monkeys and coatimundi, which are native to the area. It’s probably good luck to see spider monkeys on your wedding day and we did!

The Brasserie was decorated with lots of homemade touches by Val, her friends, and family. We especially liked the shots of tequila or mezcal, topped with a lime. Each lime was impaled with a flag which had every guest’s name on it. Take a shot and take a seat!

There was a passionate first dance, memorable speeches, and then the party really began!

We loved being a part of Josh and Val’s special day and hope you will enjoy the photos, too.