To say that Jennifer and I were looking forward to the Hindu wedding of Akash and Andrea at the JW Marriott in Cancun would be an understatement. We have both traveled in India for an extended period (Michael in the north and Jennifer in the south) and love the culture, the food, the religion and the music.

The first evening started with the mehndi, which I think is the Hindu word for party, because that describes the night. Actually, it is the ancient art of henna tatooing that is used in rituals and ceremonies, usually for a wedding in Hindu and Muslim cultures.

The whole affair was designed and coordinated by Elite Events Management in New York. They covered everything from the smallest details to the big picture – it was an amazing evening.

A beautiful full moon illuminated a large, grassy area hung with round, colorful paper lanterns. The area was filled with cushions, a couple of bars, food stations, a DJ table, manned by DJ Suj from New Jersey, and a dance floor. Most important, there was a mehndi artist who was applying elegant henna designs to the women’s hands.

This is only the first night. Check back in a couple of days for the barat (groom’s procession), the ceremony and the reception. It was so much fun.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the bride was gorgeous and the groom was handsome, but you can see that.