Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom to Make it Easier on the Bride

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For the longest time, grooms have been perceived as the lazy chaps who just pay bills and let their brides do all the dirty work as far as wedding planning is concerned. To others with a more positive perspective, grooms just let the brides have all the wedding planning fun.

It doesn’t matter how you see it. One thing that should change is the groom’s involvement in wedding planning.

Since not every guy has bothered working together with his bride to get the big day prepped (thus the numerous complaints), getting advice from the boys or your old man can be rather impossible. But not if you read this piece.

If you want to give your bride an easy time while still being involved with the planning of your nuptials, then read on. These are the tips you should apply.

Abide by the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 wedding planning rule is simple. 80% of your expenses will come from 20% of your decisions. So, if you want to save yourself some bucks, then taking time to discuss the 20% with your fiancé is paramount.

The 20% decision you have to make will revolve around the Big Three wedding planning spenders – the guest list, menu, and date.

This means that you and your bride should carefully consider who you’ll invite and not invite to your wedding, choose a date that doesn’t coincide with major local and national events, and carefully select the delicacies that will be served.

By getting this 20% out of the way, the rest of the planning process will be easier on your bride and leaner on your pockets.

Take Care of the Music

Music will be a core part of the ceremony and a major mood setter. Thus, you must get this right on your D-day.

You can start by sitting down with your fiancé and preparing a playlist of all your favorite songs. Also, take some time to create a not-to-play list, for those wedding songs that irk you. Then, go out there and look for a proper wedding DJ.

Ideally, you should create the wedding playlist with the wedding DJ around. And if he has a huge playlist that he would like to recommend, share the not-to-play list with him so that any songs that feature on that list will be left out.

Handle Your Groomsmen

Your bride is in no position to choose the best man and groomsmen for you. Yes, she might have some insights, but the final decision lies with you. And, you need to make it as early as possible.

This is because your groomsmen will not only help you stand on the aisle on the big day, but they’ll also be your go-to mates all through the wedding planning. They’ll help you generate ideas, run errands, plan your bachelor party, and keep you sane as the days unfold.

Therefore, go for men in your family, your best friends, and your fiancé’s favorite brother.

Courtesy and tradition also demand that you get your groomsmen proper gifts. These gifts are given as a “thank you” for accepting your groomsman proposal and for the efforts they’ll put in to contribute to your wedding’s success.

Therefore, start coordinating the purchase of these gifts as early as possible. You can get in touch with vendors such as groomsmen gift source who’ll provide a vast array of options and timely delivery of your gifts on order.

Always Have an Opinion

Being a silent observer won’t work for your fiancé. She’ll feel left out, alone, and overwhelmed by the amount of work she has to do to get the wedding planning done. So, make sure you proactively engage with her during the wedding planning.

This doesn’t mean what you say goes, or you have to be poetic when explaining the difference between purple and red. Rather, simply let your voice be heard on major planning areas such as the menu and wedding photos.

You can thus offer to get a wedding photographer or help her find the best catering team for your wedding. Being proactive will elevate her psyche and make decision making easier for her. And while you’re at it, don’t be a pushover.

Draft Your Wedding Registry

Your guests can go wild with gifts if left untamed. That’s why you need to draft your wedding registry. Your wedding registry will help you avoid a situation where what you recently bought at the store is what most guests decided to buy you on your wedding day.

Despite you handling the drafting of the wedding registry, you still need input from your fiancé. Have a meeting and discuss what you currently need or might need once you move in together. This can extend past the kitchen into other areas such as home electronics and camping gear.

The best advice is to include what both of you think is unnecessary to buy at the store, and reasonable for your friends to chip in and buy as a wedding gift.

Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom to Make it Easier on the Bride

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Give Your Bride a Break

Let’s be honest. A huge chunk of the wedding planning work will still fall on your bride’s shoulders. Thus, she’ll be easily tired, at times irritable, and overwhelmed by the workload on her shoulders. So, give her a break.

This is different from giving her “space” – a term that commonly tanks the strongest of relationships. Instead, this means that you free her from some of her everyday duties once in a while. You can choose to wash the dishes, clean the house, or rent her a movie for a day off.

Doing this will save both of you from pre-wedding fights and make her see the worth in her struggles.

Collect Invitation Addresses

Thanks to the internet, the closest thing to an address that people know is an IP address. Save from that, postal addresses are becoming less of a conversation topic these days. Thus, you probably hardly know the postal addresses of most of your friends and family who you’ll have to mail invitation cards.

Instead of worrying your bride with getting this information, let the task lie on you. Text around and get your guests to send in their postal addresses. Then, you can use a service like Postable to send them invitation cards via post.

Also, take this time to figure out the details of your wedding guestbook. You can look at wedding guestbook alternatives that will fit your wedding theme and amuse your guests as well.

Book the Honeymoon

Booking the honeymoon can be done in two ways. One, you can decide together with your bride on the location and then you handle the travel and logistics. On the other hand, you can get a secret destination, plan the travel and logistics, and surprise your bride at the airport.

No matter the route you take, make sure you plan for this as early as possible. The best day of your life can be ruined by a botched honeymoon.

Get Guest Accommodation Options

Guest accommodation is paramount if you’re planning on having a destination wedding, or part of the wedding party resides in a far location. If either of this is the case, try and see whether your wedding venue offers guest accommodation as well.

And even if the venue does, still go around and ask for more options. This can be local hotels, B&B, or you can do a quick look-up at Airbnb for a flurry of online options. By providing these options to your guests, they’ll have the freedom to choose where they’ll spend the nights over your wedding weekend.

Write Your Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows is not something you can do on the wedding night. Preferably, you should start jotting down a few words months to the big date. Remember, this will be the most important part of the wedding ceremony. So, you need to impress.

You can draft several versions of your wedding vows and send them to family and friends for their opinions. This will help you get the right words to say to your bride on the big day, with a lot of meaning from your heart.

Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom to Make it Easier on the Bride

Author: Matt Mathieson