“Trash The Dress” Cancun Destination Wedding Photography

Trash the dress“, also referred to as “rock the frock” or “fearless bridal” is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is not the “norm” or traditional wedding photo. Our Cancun beach wedding (Riviera Maya region) photo shoots don’t actually “ruin” the dress since the underwater scenes don’t damage the dress and we still make you look and feel glamorous. We want your event to be memorable and not trashy – we avoid “trash the dress” wedding photography scenes like  mud, fire or wine.

  Trash the Wedding Dress Photography

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“Trash The Dress” Cancun Beach Wedding Photography Testimonial

Brooke & Scott, Beach Palace, Cancun, Mexico

“We chose Michael and Jennifer for our destination wedding in Cancun. We were married at Beach Palace. I looked for months for the perfect photographer for our wedding, it was one of the most important parts, and we are so happy with our choice.  We absolutely love our photos!!! I could look at them for hours and hours. We have over 500 and I am always finding new little things that I love about them. I cannot even decide which ones to frame in our home there are so many I love. They are SO creative and I am so proud to have something that nobody else I know will ever have for their wedding photos. I love all of the candid shots, so much fun. They make me cry just looking at them. During the wedding they visited with guests and fit in very well, everyone enjoyed them. It was a huge bonus to have 2 photographers and I think them being a married couple only improved the experience. They obviously work so well together. The cenote shoot was so much fun. You have got to do it!! Choosing Michael and Jennifer was the best choice we made and it will be for you if you choose them as well!! Congrats and Enjoy.


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