Best Cozumel Wedding Venues

After  more than five years as Cozumel wedding photographers and island residents, we feel qualified to list the best Cozumel wedding venues. We love the variety and we love the fact that more people are discovering the island for destination weddings. Between a selection of beach clubs, private villas, all-inclusive resorts and upscale non all-inclusives, Cozumel wedding venues offer choices for everyone. You can’t beat the west-facing locations for fantastic sunsets, nor the amazing undeveloped east side of the island for trash the dress and day-after sessions. Definitely two things you won’t find on the mainland.

We will update this list soon after we finish our weddings at Playa Azul and the Presidente Intercontinental. More exciting news is the new Cozumel Westin on the north side which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016.

So, here (with photos) are our picks for some of the best places for a Cozumel destination wedding.


We think it’s one of the prettiest spots on the island with a private beach, palm trees and lovely casuarina trees. The palapa is great for a reception, the staff is attentive and the food is terrific.

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At the other end of the island is a great beach club called Nachi Cocom. We give this venue high marks for it’s privacy, staff and beauty.

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The Cozumel Iberostar tops our list of AI resorts because of the location for photos (the conch tree and the pier) and for the genuine helpfulness of the staff.

cozumelweddings.01 cozumelweddings.28cozumelweddings.40


While this is one of Cozumel’s top restaurants on Friday and Saturday night, it’s also one of the best spots for a wedding. One of the main reasons for this is the amazing coordinator, Lily, and, like we said, some of the best food on the island.

cozumelweddings.12 cozumelweddings.13 cozumelweddings.41


If you have a guest list around 20, this wonderful villa would work well for you. Very nice pool and beach area and very easy to arrange for catering with a local planner/coordinator. The wedding below was designed and planned by the talented Magda Perez from Cozumel Weddings and Celebrations.

cozumelweddings.33cozumelweddings.34 cozumelweddings.37


Nice location, good staff, nice beach for photos and a nice pier for photos.

cozumelweddings.29 cozumelweddings.30 cozumelweddings.35


Once again, colorful and inviting location, private beach, good food and a huge palapa for dinner and dancing. Here you have a choice of grass or beach for the ceremony. The weddings here are coordinated by longtime Cozumel wedding planners, Stephanie and Lluvia. Always a class operation in a venue that is nicer than the name makes it sound.

cozumelweddings.11 cozumelweddings.24 cozumelweddings.25


Not a huge venue, but private with good locations for photos. This wedding was coordinated by Fiona Lomax, and the food was terrific.

cozumelweddings.02 cozumelweddings.03 cozumelweddings.04


This all-inclusive is popular with divers and guests who want to be close to all of the action. The Palace is in town, just across from Chedraui and has it’s own pier for dive boats. However, there is not much sand here for beach lovers.

cozumelweddings.06 cozumelweddings.08 cozumelweddings.09

Since we think that one of the most amazing things about Cozumel is the relatively undeveloped east side of the island (one hotel, 4-5 beach bars for 15 miles), here are a few photos from different sessions on the east side. cozumelweddings.16 cozumelweddings.17cozumelweddings.44



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    Beautiful Beautiful!! I do weddings in Texas for a living and nothing compares to these sites!
    Can't wait to be on the island in 34 days!

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